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We are your partner when it comes to all types of server certificates that enable communication between you and your clients, vendors and employees, to be as safe as possible.

PKI Partner

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CodeSign förändringar 24 april 2024

Från och med den 24 april kommer CodeSign certifikatets privata nyckel att levereras på USB Token till dig. Har du ett CodeSign certifikat som skall förnyas, bör du därför lägga en order i mycket god tid innan ditt certifikat förfaller.

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What we do

We have been the preferred partner to deliver server certificates to our clients since the year of 2000, and have experience with all kinds of solutions for your business. For instance: Basic server certificates, CodeSigning certificates, EV certificates, UC/SAN certificates or even customised client certificates.

What we offer that all of our clients have come to rely on, is our professional & expedient service coupled with our fast, excellent and friendly support that is available to any and all of our clients. No question is too insignificant or complicated for us to tackle.

If you can’t find the specific product that you are looking for, please reach out to us and we will help you with your request as there’s a lot of special products available that are not listed.

More about us

We have specialised ourselves on products that increases your website’s security and integrity in todays digital world. This has allowed us to strongly focus on the certification products that are available in the market.

Our clients can be found all over Europe and through our specialised order page, we can support all our clients requirements. Be that from just the most basic solutions, to completely customised products for their websites.

We are very proud to be able to deliver an exceptionally high service together with short delivery times for all our products. Test us today!


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Our Products

Today we are offering 8 products that will cover everything from single server certificates to multidomain certificates. On top of this, we are also offering specialised certificates that are customised to your business needs.

Click on the boxes below to find out a bit more about each kind of certificate that we offer.

SSL Certifikat
Standard SSL – This is our standard product. If you have a public website that should be secured, then this is the right choice for you.

Basic SSL – Do you have an internal site that needs to be secured? Then this would be the right choice. This is a domain validated certificate that is slightly cheaper than the standard one. We can do this because we only validate the domain ownership, and not the company itself.

SSL WildCard Certifikat
StandardSSL Wildcard – This certificate should be your choice if you own more than 3 different URLs but still need to certify them on the same domain and these domains are for public (?) use.

BasicSSL Wildcard – Optimal use of this certificate would be if you own more than 3 URLs that needs to be certified under the same domain, and the domains are for internal use.


SSL UC Certifikat
Standard SSL UC – This certificate is best for a company that is using the Microsoft Exchange or Office Communication Server 2007 environments, from 2007 or newer.

Basic SSL UC – This certificate allows for SSL secured communication on a number of different domains. This is especially good for the IT security department, as it becomes less complex to manage and cheaper on the wallet. With this certificate, you can cover up to 200 different SAN or Domains.

CodeSign Certifikat
A CodeSign certificate is used to sign off files that can be downloaded from the internet, and certify that it’s actually from your company. This allows the user to see what company the program is from, and that it’s not been compromised since it was signed off and uploaded.

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